Structural and Material Test Lab

FAdeA modern lab of structural and material tests performs services not only for the aeronautical industry but also for the automobile and sheet metal industries.

Every vehicle, instrument or product is subject to a wide range of mechanical or environmental stress, due to use, transportation, storage, or operation. They often operate within certain ranges of temperature, vibrations, humidity, and corrosive agents among others. Due to this situation, certain tests are required to evaluate and ensure their performance according to certain performance requirements.

In their labs, FAdeA provides testing services, preparing required devices and instruments for proper monitoring, results evaluation, and technical reports preparation to comply with customers’ requirements.


Lab capabilities

     Static and fatigue structural testing with servo controlled systems.
     Environmental simulation, vacuum, pressure, and temperature tests.
     Brake assemblies and rolling testing.
     Hydraulic tests.
     Material study and research
    Physical, chemical and metallographic tests.
     Fracture Causes research.
     Voltage measurement by extensometers (strain gages)