Fokker F-27 Friendship is a passenger aircraft, short and medium-range turbo-propelled, manufactured by the Dutch company Fokker which flew for the first time in 1955.
Fokker F-28 Fellowship is a twin-engine plane of short and medium range, which was manufactured by the Dutch company Fokker. In 1967 the maiden flight of the first prototype model was performed.
Today, the Fokker F-27 and F-28 aircraft are mainly used for transportation and cargo as well as for providing logistics support or security tasks delivered by the Armed Forces.



FAdeA is certified to perform Scheduled Major and Minor Maintenance tasks within its facilities and also offers those services in the customer’s facilities.
The main objective of a Scheduled Maintenance is to prevent aircraft design deterioration and ensure flight safety and reliability. Both aircraft have a programmed inspection plan indicating type of inspections by type and due dates in terms of flight hours or calendar time. The inspections generally include Visual examination, Functional Tests and Non-Destructive tests.

Minor and Major Inspections are carried out for both F-27 and F-28 aircraft.
Minor inspections are carried out in short periods of time, hours or weeks, considered regular maintenance procedures (service 1 and 2 Check, A Check).
Major inspections are of structural kind: Structural Integrity Program (SIP), Fatigue, Corrosion, Corrosion Control Program (CCP), and Check inspections (Check B, C, 2C and D).15