Made by US Lockheed Martin Hercules C-130 is a transport aircraft powered by four Allison T56 engine propeller A15. Its main functions are of logistical support for example to Antarctica bases- and peace enforcement missions in cooperation with the United Nations (UN).



FAdeA is an Lockheed Martin authorized Services Center for Hercules C-130 since 1996, and offers the capacity and technologies required to perform the following maintenance tasks:
– PDM inspection program; ISOCHRONOUS; SMP 515
-Special Inspections
-Structural  modifications and update / modernization of systems
-Repair of movable surfaces and structures
-Interior and exterior painting, stripping and inhibited; cabin soundproofing
– Ground and flight tests
-Application of service bulletins and Time Compliance Technical Orders (TCTO)
– Major and  modular Inspection of RR Allison T56-engine A15
-Overhaul of accessories; instruments and components.