The IA-63 Pampa is a tandem, basic-advanced trainer also used for light attack and / or tactic missions.
This aircraft has a proven design, robust structure, efficient basic systems with servo-assisted flight commands, ease to maintain and operating cost comparable to turboprop solutions with excellent reliability.


FAdeA performs aircraft maintenance at all levels, as well as MRO (Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul) on TFE731-40-2N engine and various accessories, components, instruments and avionics of Pampa II and Pampa II-40 versions as per the regulations stated by competent aviation authority (DIGAMC).
It also provides support services such as training, spare parts manufacturing and modernization of systems and structures. It also offers logistics system support of spare parts and ground support equipment to operators.


At present, existing Pampa fleet engines are being replaced. The modernization of Pampa II to Pampa II-40 (Re-engined) was presented by FAdeA to the aviation authority (DIGAMC) as a Supplementary Type Certificate (CTS) and applicable to Pampa II aircraft fleet through Service Bulletin BS IA63II -71 to 003.
The new engine, a Honeywell TFE731-40-2N, has 3950 pounds of thrust, 20% more powerful than the original one. It is designed to meet operator’s requirements and offers reduced operating cost, increasing performance and durability and easier maintenance.44