Systems Engineering is a worldwide known practice for technical project management. Its implementation in FAdeA answers to a strategic company planning based on product diversification. It aims to provide tools for the implementation of projects and increased participation of FAdeA in international markets.

Systems Engineering is an aerospace industry tool widely used by large companies such as INVAP, NASA, Airbus, Boeing and Honeywell, among others. It involves systematic and multidisciplinary processes for design, development, operation, maintenance and removal of a system along its life cycle, always keeping a comprehensive view of the technical and management aspects of a project, leading the system design and including every discipline involved.




     User Needs Evaluation
     Concept of Operations (CONOPS)
    Specification, Technical, Logistics and Industrial Requirements
    Analysis of Contractual and Programmatic Restrictions
    Concept Product Design
    Alternatives analysis: Top-down of architectures and bottom-up of Components
    Interfaces, Budgets and Systems Balances Management
    Preliminary Design
     Detail Design
    Implementation of units / components (HW, SW, COMMS) – Purchasing and Manufacturing
     Sets Integration
     Sets Verification
     Subsystems Integration
     Subsystems Verification
     Systems Integration
     Systems Validation (FAT, SAT)
     Integrated Logistics Support