The PA-25 Puelche was originally designed and manufactured by Piper Aircraft as a rugged, easy to maintain agricultural aircraft. The aircraft is a single engine low-wing monoplane constructed of steel tubing. FAdeA produces, under license, and markets the PA -25-235 and PA-25-260 models.



The main aims of the program are to update current fleet and encourage replacement of non-specific aircraft.



Technical Characteristics

-Braced low-wing monoplane. Streamlined V bracig struts on each side of fuselage, with additional short support struts. Alloy wing section truss ribs.

– The wings have trailing edge flaps and ailerons of light alloy construction.

-Composite wing tip to reduce drag.

– The landing gear is a non- retractable tail wheel type for easier and safer flight.

Main Components 

-The fuel system is composed of a 53 gallon non corrosive fiberglass reinforced plastic fuel tank. The system allows more than 200 liters load and a three and a half hours flight.

-Fiberglass reinforced plastic tank for 800 liters (dry material) and 550 liters (liquids)

-Agricultural spraying system: driven spray pump, three way valve, stainless steel booms fitted with 44 spraying system diaphragm nozzles type. Micronair type rotative sprayers can be fitted/provided.

-PA-25-235 is powered by a Lycoming 0-540 engine rated at 235 SHP at 2700 RPM. McCauley two blades fixed pitch propeller.

-PA-25-260 motor Lycoming 260 HP Hélice McCauley de paso fijo

-PA-25 is powered by a Lycoming 0-540 engine rated at 260 SHP at 2700 RPM. Mc Cauley two blades fixed pitch propeller.

PA-25 powered by a Lycoming 0-540 engine rated at 260 SHP at 2700 RPM. Hartzell two blades constant speed propeller.

Optional components 

-Computer and Satellite Guidance System with automatic flow meter control.

-Aeronautical channel transceiver radio

-Alluminum allow spring landing gear.

-Dust unit or seed spreader

-Micronair type rotative atomizer nozzles made in Argentina


Basic Performances

      Basic Performances   PA-25-235  PA-25-260
     Take off Distance (m)
258 240/217
      Take off Distance (m) (15m obstacle)
443 410/394
      Climbing Rate (m/min)
213 236/236
      Maximum Speed (km/h)
199 206/206
      Cruise speed (km/h) (75% power)
183 190/190
      Fuel consumption (L/h) (75% power)
53 53,37/53,37
      Scope (km) (75% power)
467 483/483
      Stall speed (km/h) (max. weight)
98 98/98
      Landing distance (m) (max. weight)
279 279/279