FAdeA is an aeronautical company with extensive experience in military aircraft design and manufacturing, focused on basic and advanced training systems. In the last years we have strengthened manufacturing capabilities for commercial and military markets, by means of a significant investment on upgrading manufacturing technologies of sheet metal structures, composite material, wired structures, and machined parts.

FAdeA is AS9100 certified, a widely acknowledged standard in the airspace industry, which offers high quality manufacturing services worldwide. The company is currently working on several programs, Pampa III and Puelche aircraft manufacturing, as well as KC-390 parts manufacturing for Embraer.

The company also offers a comprehensive catalogue of products, parachute manufacturing for commercial and military markets, spare parts manufacturing, Ground Support Equipment and Tooling.

FAdeA is now a major industry leader in the region, as a result of a deep facility and equipment modernization program and its highly trained human resources.