FAdeA Engineering Services provide engineering solutions to the aviation industry taking into account every technical aspect of the product life cycle.
It is supported by a highly qualified and experienced team specialized in design, integration, testing, certification and production support.
Working in modern facilities, equipment and tools, our engineering area is in constant growth and looking for the best professional practices to provide the most efficient solutions in compliance with aviation industry standards worldwide.


Areas of implementation
Aircraft Systems Design
Engineering process of a new aircraft is supported by an Engineering service team staffed by professionals specialized in design of hydraulic, pneumatic, fuel systems, landing gear, flight controls, environmental controls, ejection seat, power plant and integration on the aircraft. Such team performs parts design, functional tests, probability of failure tests, and structural verification using state-of-the-art aeronautical design and test tools such as CATIA V5®, FlowMaster®, SIMULIA ABAQUS, MATLAB and analysis of geometry, dimensions and tolerances (GD & T)
Aeronautical and non-aeronautical Structures Design

We offer design capability for aircraft primary and secondary carrythrough structure, ground support equipment, testing devices, non-aeronautical structures (Structures of antennas for radars and satellite parts, etc.), design of machined parts, sheet metal forming parts and composite material parts.


Ground Support Equipment Design
In FAdeA we know that work does not end when the aircraft leaves production. That is why we place on ground support equipment and tasks the same emphasis, knowledge and experience than on aircraft systems.
In our laboratories we design and manufacture fixed and portable test benches for  engineering development, facilities certification, maintenance and flight line maintenance of various aircraft systems.
We offer our customers every engineering service required to keep their fleet in operations, either at our facilities or the operator site.

Aerodynamic Design and Test
We have specialists in Flight Sciences to study behavior of aircraft and / or parts in flight. Among our capacities we can mention:

     Aerodynamic Tests
     Performance Tests
     Flying Quality Tests