Welcome to FAdeA guided tours program form. To start, please read the following guidelines and then click on “I accept the Terms and Conditions” button.

Description of the Program

Every year Fabrica Argentina de Aviones Brig. San Martín S.A. (FAdeA) welcomes visitors from all over the country and abroad.

The company facility covers approximately 200 hectares. The program consists of a guided tour around our production areas with the aim of getting in contact with past and present history of FAdeA.

Terms and conditions

Not suitable for children under 12 years old.

For safety reasons, every visitor shall wear trousers and shoes, otherwise entrance shall not be authorized.

Upon arrival every visitor shall be checked against a list and given an authorization card, which shall be visible during the time of the visit.

No bags, cameras, video recorders, usb devices or any other information or metallic item similar to tools used in the company shall be entered.

Only those persons dully listed on the Excel form herein provided and covered by the Seguro de Responsabilidad Civil and Emergencias Médicas (civil liability insurance and health insurance) shall be authorized to enter the facilities.

The information provided is reviewed and once checked the Company confirms date of visit to the requestor.

Rules to follow during the visit

Visitors shall not eat, drink or smoke during the time they visit the company. Visitors shall only walk around visitors permitted areas and shall be escorted by a company employee at all times.

Due to potential personal injuries or accidents, visitors are not allowed to touch or handle raw material, tools or equipment.

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