Operational Safety Policies

Fábrica Argentina de Aviones "Brig. San Martín" S.A. declares that it carries out its operations bearing in mind Operational Safety management as one of its primary objectives, keeping a balanced allocation of resources, aware of the level of risk involved in its activities and therefore committed to:

  • Encourage Operational Safety awareness in every activity carried out in our workshops.
  • Comply with current national legislation, international standards and the application of the best practices in the sector.
  • Ensure that Operational Safety Management policy statement is implemented and respected at all levels within the organization.
  • Establish Operational Safety Management as responsibility of every level of executive management, middle management and employee workforce.
  • Allocate the required human and financial resources to establish and keep the operational management system within the company workshops.
  • Encourage effective communication of Operational Safety issues, increasing accountability for all practices and strategies related to Operational Safety.
  • Verify that everyone within the organization at either management, leadership, supervisory or workforce level is well informed and adequately trained in operational safety issues and competent on how to manage operational safety.
  • Implement hazard identification and operational risk assessment programs, setting up control and mitigation actions to bring them to acceptable levels of Operational Safety standards.
  • Investigate any incident that may have an impact on Operational Safety, identifying its causes in order to take actions to avoid a recurrence.
  • Monitor the effectiveness of our processes, aiming at Continuous Improvement.
  • Ensure that no action is taken against employees who report operational safety concerns or problems through the operational safety-reporting program, unless the report shows, beyond reasonable doubt, that an unlawful act, serious negligence, or intentional or deliberate non-compliance with regulations or procedures has been committed.