Mirta Iriondo

Mirta Susana Iriondo


  • Graduate in Theoretical Physics applied to Technology, Sweden
  • Master in Engineering Physics, Sweden
  • PhD in Mathematics, Sweden
  • Postdoctoral degree, FaMAF-UNC (Sweden)
  • Postdoctoral degree, FaMAF-UNC (CONICET)

She was born in Cordoba. Since July 2014, she is the dean for the Faculty of Mathematics, Astronomy, Physics and Computer Science (FaMAF) of the Universidad Nacional de Córdoba. In 2010 she was appointed Deputy Secretary of Scientific Research and Technological Development in that Ministry until 2012. In 2009, she became the coordinator of the Follow-up commission of the concession agreement between Lockheed Martin Aircraft Argentina and the National Government.

In 2007, she occupied the position of Director of Industrial Planning and Defense Services, at the Ministry of Defense.

She has specialized in Physics and Mathematics, and applied that knowledge in a vast career as professor and researcher, both in Argentina and in Sweden. She has written and published academic and scientific papers and has led numerous academic projects. She has an outstanding academic and professional career and has sound knowledge of the defense industry.

Franco Giuggioloni

Franco Giuggioloni

Vice President

  • Mechanical Technician. Instituto Técnico Renault.
  • Mechanical Aeronautical Engineer. Instituto Universitario Aeronáutico (IUA)

He was born in Cordoba. Currently he is a professor for the Instituto Universitario Aeronáutico.

He was FAdeA’s vice president between 2013-2015. In 2013 and 2013, he was the General Director of Industrial Planning and Defense Services at the Ministry of Defense.

Also, he was the Director of Monitoring and Control by the Ministry of Defense for the SARA project (Argentine Robot Air System, for its acronym in Spanish) which developed unmanned aircraft of class 2 and 3. He was responsible for coordinating the technical teams for the Ministry of Defense before INVAP S.E.

He worked in the consolidation of the area of new projects for defense and security at the Military Manufacturing General Directorate, where he developed new projects related to ammunition, weaponry, vectors; implementation of PMI methods for new projects and control and technical follow-up of projects.

He also participated in the PAE 22365 UAV project (Ministry of Science and Technology– Scientific Promotion Agency), working on the design and development of an unmanned aircraft at the Instituto Universitario Aeronáutico, among others.

He began his professional activities in FAdeA as a trainee, in Accessories Maintenance, in 2004.

Horacio Viqueira

Horacio Viquiera

Executive Director

  • Attorney. Universidad Nacional de Córdoba

He was born in Bell Ville, Cordoba. From 2009 to 2013, he was director of Fábrica Argentina de Aviones.

He participated as a Constitution elected delegate in the Cordoba Constitution Reform in 2001. He was a congress deputy (1993, 1995-1999) and occupied various positions in the national and Cordoba Municipal public administration. He was National Secretary of Employment, and Social Development Secretary for Cordoba city, among others.

He specialized in civilian, commercial and labor law and he was the legal counsel for various unions, companies, cooperatives and health mutual associations, as well as a consultant for social and labor policies. He was a Stock Company Director for Interbaires S. A. and Transener S.A.

In 1985, he was among the foundation members of the Center of Popular Communication and Legal Counsel (Cecopal for its acronym in Spanish), a center based on an alternative interpretation of the law.

In the early 80s, he performed intense social – legal work about territorial problems for the outskirt neighborhoods of Cordoba. Under these premises, he worked in the formation of the Coordination for indexed housing developments.

He studied the Law career at the Universidad Nacional de Córdoba and at the same time, he worked for the Notary Public Association, until he stated his professional and political activities.

Guillermo Stahl

Brigadier Guillermo Alberto Stahl


  • General Director of Research and Development.
  • Electronic Engineer, Instituto Universitario Aeronáutico, Córdoba.
  • Specialization in Air safety and Airplane crash investigation, Naval Postgraduate School.
  • Graduate in Air and Aerospace Systems, Instituto Universitario Aeronáutico.
  • MBA in Business Administration, Universidad del Salvador-Deusto.
  • MBA in Human Resources Management, Universidad del Salvador-SUNY.
  • MS in Logistics and Supply Chain Management, Air Force Institute of Technology, EEUU.

He was born in Córdoba, in October 1966.

He has developed his professional practice in the Argentine Air Force, for over 30 years of activity in various positions in Aeronautical Maintenance and Research and Development areas, with the following tasks:

  • Chief of Dept. – Engineering and Quality Control in the Directorate of Maintenance of the Air Group, Presidency of the Nation.
  • Chief of Technical Team 2, II Air Brigade, Paraná.
  • Director of Research and Development Projects of the FAA.
  • Deputy Director General of Research and Development of the FAA.
  • Area Chief of Material Area, Rio Cuarto.
  • Technical Advisor in R&D projects for the FAA, in avionics and armament.