Federico Bima Kronemann

Deputy Manager

  • Bachelor of Logistics - Postgraduate in Supply Chain & Logistics - Professional Certification in Project Management (Google / PMI methodology) - Scrum Master

Federico joined the former Lockheed Martin Aircraft Argentina SA, in 2008, as a buyer. Trained in Logistics and specialized in Supply Chain Management & Operations under APICS (Association for Supply Chain Management) standards. Along his 14 years of experience with the company, he has stood out for his dynamism and result-oriented approach. His commitment to company's objectives and his knowledge of operating processes first led him to become a Logistics and Purchasing manager, and later project himself as an Operations manager, managing FAdeA's manufacturing and engineering processes in High Mix/Low Volume/High complexity environments; among which are worth mentioning special engineering projects, development of strategic substitutions and national suppliers, manufacturing of Pampa III and aerostructures for Embraer KC-390 aircraft, and integration/engineering of IA-100 aircraft.

Oscar Gambone

Administration, Finance and Systems

  • National Public Accountant

Oscar joined FAdeA in July 2018. With an outstanding career in important companies such as Dayco Argentina SA and Clima Ingeniería Ambiental, he brings his knowledge and experience in budget planning, management control, results evaluation and financial management. Oscar is in charge of all the administrative, financial and ICT management of FAdeA, with the objective of accompanying the Business processes with a view to the sustainability of our Company.

Leonardo Acevedo


  • Aeronautical Engineer

Leonardo joined the former Lockheed Martin Aircraft Argentina SA and has grown within the company from the Engineering area, where he was in charge of various projects, expanding his knowledge as head of programs and later on as manager. He has experience in the commercial civil field, as Engineering manager and Planning within commercial airlines. He currently develops as Quality manager. During his career he has developed leadership, proactivity, communication and coordination skills, leading a variety of work teams, in demanding projects using project management through the practices defined by the PMI and INCOSE, among others the development of aircraft, maintenance etc. gaining a vast experience along the whole product life clycle.

Sebastian Ugarte

Communications and Institutional Relations

  • Bachelor of Institutional Relations

Sebastián joined in May 2016, as Communications and Institutional Relations Manager. Prior to joining the company, he developed extensive experience in the field of Integrated Communications, both in national and international companies and organizations. Through a systemic vision for communications management, together with his team, they conceptualize, plan and implement the different communication strategies and actions, aimed at strengthening institutional ties and openness towards the FAdeA community.

Juan Vidal


  • Aeronautical Mechanical Engineer - Postgraduate Degree in Innovation Management in Science and Technology - Master in Business Administration - International PMP Certification in Project Management - Scrum Master and Product Owner

Juan joined the company in 2009 as a Structural Design Engineer. After his postgraduate degree in management in Brazil in 2012, he oriented his career towards project management, initially as a Systems Engineer and then as head of different FAdeA programs.

In 2019 he took over as Division Chief of Defense and Security Programs, in 2022 he became Deputy Engineering Manager and currently as Engineering Manager, is leading the teams of product engineering, manufacturing engineering, engineering planning and certification and systems engineering.

Patricia Caballero

Programs and Business Development

  • Aeronautical Mechanical Engineer. Postgraduate in Management Engineering and Project Management – PMI

Patricia has been working at FAdeA for 12 years. From the previous Lockheed Martin Aircraft Argentina SA where she began her career as a buyer in the Logistics department and then moved on to Engineering Support management to perform tasks as an engineer in charge of different projects, highlighting her performance as Project Manager in international projects. Patricia has advanced in her career to become Engineering manager and currently Program manager, from where she manages execution of our company's contracts.

Silvia Acuña

Human Resources

  • National Public Accountant

Silvia joined FAdeA in November 2018 as head of Personnel. She worked for Fiat-Chrysler Group for 22 years in Human Resources management, as manager of Compensations, Benefits, Labor Costs and International Mobility of companies for Argentina and Chile. She has extensive experience in labor matters and is responsible for ensuring the company’s Human Resources processes, the administration and development of personnel, compliance with legal provisions and labor policies, the management of the relationship and negotiation with the unions, as well as to guarantee compliance with company health and safety standards.

Cecilia Beyrne

Supply Chain

  • Bachelor in Business Administration

Cecilia joined FAdeA in May 2011 as a Buyer for the Embraer KC390 program. Due to her performance in the development of the project and the possibility of transferring her experience to other areas, she led a team dedicated to contract management as Head of General Procurement. After her vast experience in Purchasing and having articulated the management of manufacturing and aeronautical maintenance purchases, as Assistant Purchasing Manager, she now holds the position of Supply Chain Manager. Her strategic objective is to effectively manage the supply chain to adapt to the current volatile and changing business environment, in the field of transparency, negotiation and management control.

Hugo Colombatto

Information Technology

  • Information Systems Engineer

Hugo joined the company in December 2022, as Information Technology Manager. With more than 20 years of experience in the industry, he managed and led teams of systems and related professionals: developers, testers, functional analysts, project leaders, database administrators, infrastructure administrators, etc. Hugo previously worked at Virtual Ed Global, at Universidad Siglo 21 and Aguas Cordobesas S.A.