Responsible, solid and sustainable organizational culture


FAdeA has a policy of conducting its commercial, business and internal activities through ethics, integrity and transparency standards, following the values chosen by the Company for its Code of Conduct, applying the laws and regulations in force.

The values FAdeA has chosen are essential ones and they indicate ideal conduct standards for its members and the people with whom FAdeA maintains business relations, such as contractors, suppliers, customers, etc.

FAdeA promotes an environment free of retaliation, with freedom of expression and mutual respect, with responsible attitude, efficiency and transparency, preserving the environment and wellbeing of its employees.

FAdeA has established an Ethics Office, and an Ethics Committee to manage complaints or requests for guidance. For this, the Company has a dedicated phone line, e-mail and adequate facilities.


Gabriela Boiero
Responsible Person for Integrity.
English Language Certified Translator Universidad Nacional de Córdoba.
Training as an Internal Auditor.
Training in Mediation and Leadership.
Certified Implementer and Auditor of ISO 37001 Anti-bribe Quality Management Systems.
Compliance Officer – International certification – UCEMA – Asociación Argentina de Ética y Compliance – International Federation of Compliance Associations.

Gabriela has worked in FAdeA since 1990; she began her career in Fuerza Aérea, in Business Development.

In Lockheed Martin Aircraft Argentina S.A., she became a liaison with other Lockheed companies and then she worked as an Internal Auditor for eleven years. At the same time, she began her training in Ethics and Compliance.

Later, she worked in the Legal and Human Resources Areas and was appointed Ethics Officer for FAdeA in 2016, where she works and continues her training for management issues related to GOC Government-owned corporations.

Currently, she is the Integrity Liaison for FAdeA and the Anti-Corruption Office; she is in charge of the Integrity Program and the Ethics Office, working in order to foster compliance with standards and ethical principles that should inspire the conduct and activities of all of FAdeA’s employees.


Any conduct contrary to the principles of our Code of Conduct shall be reported. We must do so as FAdeA’s employees, and our customers and suppliers may report a violation.

In case the Ethics Office cannot receive the statement, it can be reported to the Legal Affairs Division.

FAdeA allows for anonymous reports and in this case, it guarantees confidentiality of the reporting individual identity, as long as it is not requested via court order.