Today DIGAMC delivered to FAdeA the re-engined Pucará Fénix certificate. This is a major milestone in the recovery of Pucará's capabilities, as it will allow to start the re-engine process on series aircraft, giving continuity to the weapons system by replacing the obsolete power plant.

This project, which was developed in response to the operational requirement of Argentine Air Force, required a certification process that was pioneering within the new airworthiness regulations, the participation and support throughout the different stages of development until its certification by both FAA and DIGAMC was fundamental.

This certification is the result of FAdeA's work together with first class international companies such as P&WC, Hartzell and IAI, allowing FAdeA to acquire high quality know-how and raise work standards within all the areas involved.

Thus, FAdeA once again took a leading role in the implementation of highly complex technological solutions. To reach this milestone, more than 150 hours of tests and 109 flights were performed.

Each aircraft is now equipped with two Pratt & Whitney PT6A-62 turboprop engines and Hartzell quad-blade propellers with variable pitch and constant speed control, incorporating a reversible pitch governor to be used during braking. Likewise, this development allows the enhancement of in-flight telemetry and data analysis area, with the development of customized software and the creation of a telemetry center with state-of-the-art equipment for the recording of in-flight parameters in real time.

This aircraft will soon be included in the operational squadron of the Argentine Air Force.


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