Over 50 national and international companies and organizations participated in the event hosted by Fábrica Argentina de Aviones to create a place for connecting the Argentine aerospace industrial ecosystem to highly relevant international members of the sector. Trends, opportunities and demands of the national and international aerospace sector were included in the agenda.

During the event, which was organized by FAdeA and the Ministry of Defense, and sponsored by the Aeronautical and Space Argentine Chamber (CArAE), the Cordoba Competitiveness Agency, and the Cordoba Aerospace Cluster, the attendants shared different perspectives, experiences and industrial know-how among the various guests from India, Turkey, Israel, Italy, Brazil, Mexico, Venezuela, Chile, Uruguay and Argentina. This event, in turn, also gathered representatives from the national academic sector, the National Institute of Industrial Technology, the National Commission of Space Activities, and the National Civil Aviation Administration, all of them key participants for the development of this industrial sector.

This event also displayed products, services and capacities from over 30 Argentine industrial companies, together with the presentation of components, aerospace systems, manufacturing devices and the IA-100 production line, which is currently under production at FAdeA, along with the IA-63 Pampa III.

There were two presentation panels, the first of them was called “Aeronautical Industry Challenges and opportunities in emerging countries” with Celso Luiz Rapaci – EMBRAER’s Senior Engineering Manager, Leandro Bueno Melo – EMBRAER’s Senior Project Manager, Henry Cleveland – ENAER’s Executive Director, Shri Arup Kumar Mallik – HAL’s General Marketing Manager from India, Franco Giuggioloni – FAdeA’s Vice president and General Manager, and Fernando Sibilla, President of Cordoba Competitiveness Agency. The second presentation panel was called “Return to space, an opportunity also for emerging countries?” and was conducted by Christian Tisot, Deputy Manager for Space Business Developments for INVAP, Marcelo COLAZO, Technology Liaison Manager for CONAE, Pedro Rivas, Satellite Project Manager, and Damian Estévez, Satellite Projects Deputy Manager, both for VENG.

The President of Fábrica Argentina de Aviones, Dra. Mirta Iriondo, said “This event provides examples of the potential that the Argentine aerospace sector has to offer, I am convinced that, through the joint participation of private and public initiatives, sharing a common strategic vision, we will strengthen our national industry”, and added “This is where the National Government plays a key role, using such instruments as the FONDEF, to promote the development of the defense industry”.


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